Here you can find out more about my travels! Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to see the world and looked into any way I could travel. I have traveled to over 30 countries and lived in Germany, Turkey, and Australia. The only way I was able to travel so much was by working and living abroad. I traveled during holidays and any breaks I had between jobs. Most of the time, I had to be very thrifty, making me an expert on traveling in the cheapest ways possible.

I first moved to Berlin, Germany, when I was 20 years old to work as an Au Pair. I was only supposed to stay in Berlin for a year and ended up staying for 2 years. The second year was spent working as a native speaker in a Kita (a German preschool). I eventually moved to Australia on a Work and Travel Visa for one year before moving back to the states. The transition back to life in the United States was difficult, and I decided to move back to Germany before ending up in Istanbul, Turkey. In Istanbul, I worked as a K-12 ESL teacher for three months. I moved back to the United States to be with my grandmother before she passed away. Shortly after her passing, I went back to school and moved to Detroit to attend Wayne State University. I studied abroad in Munich for a semester with Wayne State University’s Junior Year in Munich Program. Currently, I am living in Hamtramck and traveling with my partner any chance we get.